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Beyond targeting and campaign structure, the most overlooked component of a successful Facebook campaign is the creative deployed. Taking the time to craft the right message and deploy impactful creative is the delta that influences your traffic cost (Facebook charges you as CPM, but you influence the CTR through great creative). Let us bring your story to life through the creation of impactful digital ads.


Scaling Ecommerce Growth with a Creative Advertising Agency

So, you have a product and have launched your own eCommerce business. Now that it’s time to generate sales, you might be confused as to where you should start. Do you need a creative advertising agency? A digital agency? Better yet, what’s the difference?

Simply put, a creative advertising agency is hired to tell the story about your product through visuals on your website, landing pages, ads, and emails. Once creative is developed, a digital agency distributes it across various digital mediums such as Facebook, Google, TikTok, Pinterest, display networks, and other platforms to reach new and existing customers.

So the question remains…where to begin? Do you need a creative advertising agency, a digital agency, or both?

Fortunately, Jumbolicious Technologies is BOTH. Above all, we specialize in ensuring you achieve your goals, meaning you ultimately make money. You’ll have access to a creative in-house and best-in-class media buying team with us. Our eCommerce experts deliver results by developing a comprehensive brand story that we distribute across the proper channels at just the right time.

Throughout this article, you’ll get a first-hand look at just how our creative team brings your story to life.

Our Creative Approach

Most of the time, brands focus too much on ‘how great their brand is instead of how much value their brand will bring to the customer. Their creative story is centered around themselves versus the customer. At Jumbolicious Technologies, we use principles from Donald Miller’s ‘Building a Brand Story’ to approach customers as the hero and your brand as their guide. Once you grasp this concept, it can be a powerful game-changer that will take your success to new heights.

That’s why at Jumbolicious Technologies, we don’t just help to sell your products; we sell a narrative that positions those products as a solution to address customers’ pain points, thus adding value to their lives.

From email to advertising campaigns, landing pages, and more, we understand the importance of delivering a cohesive brand experience that makes it easy for customers to say ‘yes.’

Below we go over the different types of creatives we use to help bring your story to life.


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