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Email marketing should account for close to 50% of your eCommerce revenue. If it isn’t, there’s a high chance you’re leaving money on the table. Jumbolicious Technologies’ expertise in email marketing will help you increase revenue by creating campaigns, automated email flows, audience segmentation, and deliverability monitoring. Keeping a healthy email marketing environment is crucial, and it goes far beyond a pretty image sent to your databases. Jumbolicious Technologies’ can manage a range of technicalities for you to maximize email marketing impact and revenue generation. Jumbolicious Technologies’ is a Klaviyo Gold Master Partner and holds expertise in other ESPs like Mailchimp, Hubspot, ActiveCampaigns and many others.


Jumbolicious Technologies – An Email Marketing & SMS Ad Agency

A successful eCommerce strategy has the power to transform an unknown brand into a household name. Let’s assume your brand sells a good product, and your business consistently achieves healthy metrics (conversion rate above 1%, healthy AOV, and above 20% returning customer rate). Unfortunately, your heavy reliance on Facebook and Google Ads is simply not letting you reach healthy growth. What should you be looking to optimize next to get there?

That’s where we come in…

Despite eCommerce requiring a holistic approach, many brands focus solely on paid advertising. Sure—social platforms and other channels like Google can be effective for reaching audiences, but they’re not the only ones you should be considering. From your Shopify site to email/SMS marketing, numerous factors exist to consider when building a solid eCommerce environment.

In particular, email marketing is highly effective for driving eCommerce growth. Last year, we developed a comprehensive email strategy that helped our client scale from $0 to $300K/month.

Wondering how you can be next? Keep reading to learn how our team can take your brand to new heights by creating a powerful email marketing strategy.

What role does email marketing REALLY play in eCommerce?

Email marketing helps you convert prospects into loyal buyers. It can even optimize your Facebook ads delivery–making targeting more efficient due to the 180-day window pixel limitation. Your potential customers have already shown interest in your brand by clicking on your ad, and the right email may be all that is missing to seal the deal.

The following are our tried and tested steps to elevate your email marketing game:


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