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Traffic generated from search engines such as Google and Bing is typically highly converting. Search engines value websites that provide quality over those that do not. Jumbolicious Technologies’ SEO team focuses on providing quality resulting in highly targeted organic traffic.


SEO Services for E-Commerce – Drive New Business to Your Store

Are you one of the millions of businesses looking to scale your growth and increase sales with an e-commerce website? With so much competition in the E-commerce market these days, you’ll need all the help you can get to achieve consistent traffic and sales while ranking well on search engine result pages (SERPs). When you have an eCommerce business, you not only have to get people to visit your site organically, but you need them to hang around long enough to purchase something and become returning customers.

To achieve these goals, you must produce high-quality SEO content for your site and post it in all the right places. The overall idea is to make your site easy to find, rank it high on SERPs, and provide valuable information to help solve your users’ problems. The secret to the success of any online store is exceptional user experience, technical optimizations, and authority/trust signals. There are many aspects to focus on when creating SEO content; the task doesn’t just stop at content creation. Jumbolicious Technologies provides all the necessary eCommerce SEO services. We implement a comprehensive plan to help you tackle the critical part of your sales strategy, from keyword research to site optimization, backlinking, posting content, and more.

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Why Does SEO for E-Commerce Matter, and Do You Need SEO Services for Your E-Commerce Business?

Since the late 1990s, websites have been using search engine optimization as a way to be located on a search engine. As technology advanced and evolved, so did the definition of SEO, and today the term encompasses a broad spectrum of practices and strategies. While search engines still require the use of keywords and phrases for locating specific pages, content, and websites, there’s a lot more that goes into creating SEO content these days. An effective SEO strategy comprises more than just plugging keywords into content or carelessly plugging them into random areas on a website.

If you don’t know how to create the right content, your site will disappear into the far reaches of cyberspace, never to be seen by anyone searching from a search engine. Conversely, developing and employing a sound SEO strategy will launch your website ahead of your peers, gaining new followers and customers.

The difference between a useless SEO strategy and an effective one mainly comes down to quality. A good SEO strategy relies on content that creates value for readers while including relevant keywords and phrases sprinkled naturally throughout the content. In addition to having above-average writing skills, you must also:







These crucial aspects will set you on the path to success with your e-commerce business. Throughout this article, you’ll learn more about SEO best practices and how a company that provides SEO services can add value to your business.

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