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With TikTok becoming the most visited website on the internet in 2021, deploying an ad strategy on this platform makes sense for most eCommerce brands. Our expert media buying team can help you deploy the needed mix of converting UGC ads alongside the proper funnel structure to capitalize on what has become one of the most cost-effective traffic sources in the paid social space.


Why TikTok is Becoming the Advertising TikTalk of the Town

Think TikTok is just dance challenges and hit songs? Think again.

Boasting over 1B+ monthly active users (and growing), more and more brands are flocking to this popular app as their advertising platform of choice. With eight new users per second and an average of 90 minutes spent in-app each day, it’s one of the fastest growing platforms in history …not to mention the most-used social networks worldwide.

Famous for its endless stream of short-form videos, TikTok enables access to a global stage where the brand can reach new audiences unlike ever before. From branded takeovers and targeted ads to hashtag challenges and more, this is one digital trend you most certainly do not want to ignore.

Wondering how to get started? Keep reading as we uncover our unique approach that’s proven to help brands profitably extend reach among new and existing audiences on TikTok.

Jumbolicious Technologies – A TikTok Ad Agency

As a strategic agency, you can trust Jumbolicious Technologies to determine which channels make the most sense for your brand’s advertising programs. Throughout our initial assessment, we’ll take into account the following business fundamentals:


TikTok’s diverse audience makes it the ultimate channel for marketing almost any product. From fashionistas to foodies, leverage TikTok’s capabilities to hyper-target audiences based on age, gender, interest, and more.


Regarding average order value, we’ve found that products ranging between $50 and $80 perform best. However–don’t let that number deter you as we’ve also seen $500 products exceeding their cheaper counterparts. The opportunity is there for your business to capture high-converting, high-quality traffic at very low spending. The key? Creating the right content that’s engaging and authentic.

Target Audience

Looking to reach a new audience? You’re in the right place. With TikTok’s increasingly diverse user base, the possibilities to tap into new and existing audiences are endless. As one of the fastest-growing apps in history, your brand will have more opportunities to connect with potential customers.

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